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B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)

Course Highlights
* Tie ups with Studios for providing industrial training and placements to students .
Mass Communication has become an integral part of our lives and cannot be separated from our life, the need for information is more important than ever. Our values and way of life in the society in this information era are strongly influenced by the mass media like newspapers, TV, radio, video, and the internet. The world is moving towards progress. The course looks at the basic needs and characteristics of importance of media in our lives.
12th passed in any stream
Course Pattern
3 Year – full Time
Evaluation scheme
Semester Pattern – 40% Internal : 60% External
Opportunities At Exit Point
* Production House
Media Houses
T.V. Channels
Animation Studios
VFX Studios
Sound Studios
Course Structure
B.J Syllabus 2016/17

BJ(Semester Pattern) and MJ Second PCP



• B.J./M.J. PCP Letter (For Semester Pattern students)- 25th Sept 2016

• C.J., B.J., C.J., B.J. and M.J. Exams Letter

• C.J., B.J., M.J. Sunday lecture on 13-Sept-2015

Home Assignments

B.J. & M.J. Second Semester Assignments 2016-2017

B.J. Journalism Assignment & C.J. Q.B. 2016-2017

B.J. Marathi assignment 2016-2017

BJ Basic Computer home assignment 2016/17

MJ Feature Writing home assignment 2016/17

Editrial Writing MJ Home Assignment 2016/17

Introduction to Journalism BJ home assignment 2016/17

B.J. M.J. Home Assignments

B.J. Home Assignments (Nov 2015)

M.J. Home Assignments (Nov 2015)

B.J. (Communication Skills) Home Assignments

B.J. Marathi Home Assignments

B.J. Home Assignments (Dec 2015)

M.J. Digital Media Home Assignments

M.J. Nitishastra Home Assignments

M.J. Environment Home Assignments

B.J. Editing Home Assignments

M.J. Editing of Supplements and Magazines Home Assignments

2015-16 Assignments

2015-16 Instructions about Assignments

B.J./M.J. Part I - For Repeater Students Practical

Current Affairs (Annual Pattern)

Reporting on state & Central Level

Newspaper Management 2015-16 Home Assignments

New media 2015-16 Home Assignments

B.J. Rural & Urban Journalism 2015-16 Home Assignments

M.J. Investigative & Crime Journalism 2015-16 Home Assignments

M.J. Research Methodology 2015-16 Home Assignments

M.J. Part II - Specialization Subject List

B.J. Result Instuctions - Dec 2015

Academic Fees For Department of Mass Communication