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Courses in Japanese Language (Regular & External)

          TMV is THE ONLY University in Western India to successfully sustain the Full time BA and MA course in Japanese Language.
          TMV has started conducting Full time BA course in Japanese Language from 2008, which is supported by Japan Foundation, New Delhi by nominating two language experts. From July 2011, TMV has started MA in Japanese, a Postgraduate Course with Japanese Teacher and Indian teachers who have completed their MA Course.
          Tilak Maharashtra University (TMV) was established in 1921 by Mahatma Gandhi in the memory of great reformist LOKMANYA BAL GANGADHAR TILAK.
          Since the time of the industrial revolution, western countries have been leaders of technology. The colonialism in 17th and 19th centuries helped increase their spheres of dominance world over. The two wars their after changed all this.
          With growing affluence, the Japanese are major contributors to the tourism industry. Today their presence is in evidence at every tourist spot the world over. India, for its part, several tie-ups with Japanese companies. We are also trying to promote India as a tourist destination. Obviously, there is a great demand for translators, interpreters, software professionals fluent in Japanese. Technical literature in Japan is not available in any other language.
          Thus, the Japanese language which is a unique one with 3 scripts and grammar very similar to Indian language (Marathi), is ideal for study by Indian (Maharshtrian) students. This will present them an opportunity to communicate with the Japanese people and will open various career / job opportunities.
          We believe in “Job creative education system”. TMV has started Certificate Course in Japanese language from year 2004. Considering the increasing interest of students attending Japanese course, 2nd year Diploma course was started in 2006 and 3rd year Advanced Diploma was started in 2007. Further in 2008 Special Advanced Diploma was introduced.
          TMV has also started conducting Full time BA course in Japanese Language form 2008, which is supported by Japan Foundation, New Delhi by nominating two language experts. From July 2011, TMV has started MA in Japanese, a Postgraduate Course with Japanese Teacher and Indian teachers who have completed their MA Course.
          Apart from regular coaching, we have also conducted activities to increase awareness and understanding of Japan and its culture like speech contest (recitation), song competition. Besides this we have also conducted seminar / demonstration on different Japanese cultural activities like Workshop on Japanese Drama (Kabuki, Noh, Bunraku) Japanese Flower arrangement (Ikebana), Japanese Brush writing (Shodou) and paper folding art (Origami).
          Systematic and thorough coaching for Japanese Character, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing is given to all levels. Periodic tests are conducted to evaluate the students with the encouragement and guidance given by the teachers. To impart high quality training of Japanese Language covered to the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are able to create professionals to meet the growing demand from industry.

For Exchange of students and faculties, we have tie ups with 8 various Japanese Universities

List Of Courses
• BA Course in Japanese Language (Regular & External)
• MA Course in Japanese Language
• Open Course in Japanese Language
General rules and regulations of Japanese Courses
Orientation for the regular students
In this regular coaching of Japanese course along with the language classes, students are expected to learn about Japanese society, cultural and other aspects. This will be useful for the self study.
Regular class hours
BA Course: 10:00am ~11:30am – Recess of 15 minutes – 11:45am ~1:15pm.
MA Course: 7:00 am to 9:30 am
Open Courses Morning Batch 7:30 am to 9:30am, Evening Batch 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Attendance above 80% is necessary. In case of lesser attendance, the students will not be allowed to appear for the semesters / final examination. Presence will be marked P, Late comers will be marked L, Early Going will be marked E and absentees will be marked A, Note that 3 times L / E = 1 A If you are 30 minutes late / Early Going will be marked as Absent (A).
In case of absence in the class for any reason, students should inform the teachers in advance. Absence more than 3 days, a letter must be submitted or in case of illness a medical certificate should be provided to the office. For submitting the letter about the absence in class, get the sign from the class teacher and Sathe sensei and submit to the office on the 3rd floor.
Office hours
For Admissions/ Entrance Exam details Contact:
Location: - Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth.
1242, Sadashiv peth, Pune-411030, (020-24454866 / 24433290)
Time: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
e-mail: japanese@tmv.edu.in / tmv_jp@yahoo.in
Contact person: Priyanka Kulkarni
Collection of course material
If you are absent on some day when the course material is distributed, it is students responsibility to get the copies from the teachers / office and go through the material
Examination rules
For Graduation course 3 years (6 semesters) BA Japanese course and Post Graduate course 2 years (4 semester) MA Japanese course having all papers of 100 marks each per semester having distribution of 60 marks written paper + 40 marks for Internal. Internal contains 1) Assignments, 2) Internal test; 3) Attendance The Application for admission must be accompanied by the original passing Certificate together with an attested Xerox copy.
Standard of passing and grades to be awarded (for all courses)
To pass the examination, the candidate must obtain a minimum of 50% of the aggregate total marks for the entire examination, besides candidates must obtain at least 45% marks in each written paper and oral test as well. ATKT rules are similar to UGC rules i.e. the student can take the admission for next year though he/she failed in two subjects and must clear these two subjects in Max two attempts. Only those candidates who have passed in the examination will be awarded grade / credit certificate on the basis of the percentages of aggregate total marks obtained by the candidate as follows
Marks obtained
90% and above
Exemplary Outstanding (Distinction)
80% to 89.99%
Outstanding (Distinction)
70% to 79.99%
Very Good (Distinction)
60% to 69.99%
Good (First Class)
55% to 59.99%
Above Average (Higher Second Class)
50% to 54.99%
Average (Second Class)
Less than 50%
To be Continue(Fail )
To be Continue(Fail )

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