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Our Vision

Create opportunities for all to acquire skills throughout life, and especially for youth, women and disadvantaged groups. Promote commitment by all stakeholders to own skill development initiatives. Develop a high-quality skilled workforce/entrepreneur relevant to current and emerging employment market needs.
 • To Democratize the Education
 • To Provide Accessibility Towards Higher Education
 • To Impart Quality Education


Mrs Sunita Dighe/Mr Dheeraj Singh
Department of Skill Development


 Contact No :- 02024403046/3047

Course Details

1. Job Oriented Certificate Course on Communication Skills
    1.1 Certificate Course on Communication Skills (BOSCH Certified)-Brochure

2. Animation
    2.1 2D Animation
    2.2 3D Animation
    2.3 Certificate course in Graphic Designing

3. Mass Media
    3.2 Diploma in Photography
    3.3 Advance Certificate in Basic Digital Photography

4. Cyber Security
    4.1 Diploma in Cyber Forensics
    4.2 Diploma in Cyber Security
    4.3 Advance Diploma in Cyber Security

5. Hotel Management
    5.1 Certificate Course in Bakery and Confectionery
    5.2 Certificate Course in Hotel Operations
    5.3 Diploma in Hotel Operations
    5.4 Certificate Course in Indian Cookery

6. Nursing
    6.1 Certificate Course in Health Assistance
    6.2 Certificate Course in Senior Citizen Care

7. Library Science
    7.1 Certificate course in Library Science

8. Ayurveda
    8.1 Certificate Course in Clinical Nutrition
    8.2 Diploma in Panchakrma Tantra Aahayak
    8.3 Diploma in Yoga Education
    8.4 Diploma in Abhyanga Mardan (Massage)

9. Japanese
    9.1 Advance Diploma Courses in Japanese
    9.2 Certificate Courses in Japanese
    9.3 Diploma Courses in Japanese
    9.4 Japanese Foundation
    9.5 Special Advance Diploma Course in Japanese

10. German
    10.1 Certificate Course In German
    10.2 Diploma Course In German
    10.3 Intensive Certificate Course In German

11. Sanskrit & Indology
    11.1 Certificate Course In Manusricptology
    11.2 Diploma In Sanskrit Vidya Padvika Pragat
    11.3 Diploma In Sanskrit Vidya Padvika Prarambhik
    11.4 Diploma In Indology
    11.5 Certificate Course In Sanskrit Kovid